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Live Potted Trees

Do you feel sad when the time comes to throw out your Christmas tree after the holiday season?

At Santa's Christmas Tree Forest, we offer a variety of potted Christmas trees that may be planted in the yard after use. The potted tree section is located just past the campfire and wood shed, in a designated area in the planted trees. You will find Arizona Cypress, and Red Cedar trees in pots. These trees will typically not be as tall as the trees that are planted in the ground due to the limitations of their containers. However, they are suitable for decorating, and will flourish when planted after the season. Each tree is individually priced. Choose a tree, and notify an employee who will assist you in getting the tree to your vehicle.

It is not recommended keeping potted trees inside more than two weeks. They should be kept close to a sunny window. After Christmas, keep the tree outside in filtered sun for a few days to get it acclimated before planting.  Dig a hole slightly larger than the pot and place the tree in the hole. Back fill and tamp the soil around the ball to insure no air pockets remain. Build a dam around the root ball so it will hold water. Fill the dam with water every couple of days until the tree is well established which may take some time. Trees that die are usually caused by a lack of water. Fertilizer is not required for the first few months.  After that use a general purpose fertilizer at least a foot away from the trunk as needed.